23:32 PM

Easter Patch

New events available between 27 and 10 May: 

- Donation Event 50% more donation credit for 10 euro and above.
- Quiz Event - 523, 665 West City

- New Item : Ragnar's Gold Sheet that can be obtained by farming Dragon Quest Items (DQ) (See PW Botique Agent for more info). You can trade this item for Event gold at God and Teleporter Seior All events we have now drop each of the Dragon Quest items + more;

- 2x vote rewards
- Easter Egg Coloring Competition

Spring is finally here and Easter is nearly upon us, so to celebrate this holiday we're bringing back last year's ultra-popular contest-- an egg coloring competition!

This contest is quite simple-- all you have to do is take the egg template below...

...and color it however you like (as long as it's PWI-themed)! You can throw in characters, patterns, or anything else, and I will be judging based on content, style, and just how aesthetically pleasing your entry is to the eye!

Please join our discord and upload your drawings here: https://discord.gg/YrsCdCqN4u.

And what's the prize, you ask?

There will be 3 winners and each of them will win 50$ in game currency.

Patch Notes:
- Made the website rankings available for everyone.
- Guild Icons has been Updated.
- Payer Rankings Reset.

Happy Easter everyone!!!