22:10 PM

Update version 7

Hello, we are sorry this patch took sooooo loooong, the main thing that was fixed was the fashion weapon that took ages to fix.


 - We added Wood Dummy's: Courage Path / Gate of Aniquity / Cromagnone Village / Angler's Village / Plain of Ferewells / Archosaur, Western Outskirts / Dragon's End / Misfortune / Silverpool / Sundown Town / Town of Arrivals
 - If you want more places please suggest and i will do my best to add them in the next patch.

 - New loading screens.

 - Bounty Hunter II has a new item reward:
Poetic Edda
A magical horn that comes with an ancient poetry :

    Váru í horni
    hvers kyns stafir
    ristnir ok roðnir,
    - ráða ek né máttak, -
    lyngfiskr langr,
    lands Haddingja
    ax óskorit,
    innleið dyra.

    On the horn’s face were there
    All the kin of letters
    Cut aright and reddened,
    How should I rede them rightly?
    The ling-fish long
    Of the land of Hadding,
    Wheat-ears unshorn,
    And wild things inwards.

Drink from this horn and get 62500 Vitae.
 - Added engraving for weapons at Odin, for 1 Perfect Shard.
 - We are planing to add new world bosses and delta runs in the future for nebuals or vitae, it wont get easier it will just provide an alternative.New currency and part of the website, for each correct vote you will gain 1 bonus credit and with that you will be able to buy items sold in Bonus Shop. The bonus shop is located on the same page as voting.

Thank you very much for helping this server grow!!!