21:53 PM

Update version 8

Odin has sent his Valkyries to take you to the hall of the slain. Start we swiftly with steeds unsaddled-hence to battle with brandished swords!
- New PvP event hall of the slain:
Rules: Party is not allowed.
1# place 4x Valhalla Medal
2# place 3x Valhalla Medal
3# place 2x Valhalla Medal
4-10# place 1x Valhalla Medal
Exchange them at Odin, PVP Tab.

- Fixed the bounty Hunter Quests
- Uploaded new guild icons
- Added the audibility to donate on someone else account.
- Spawned the missing PWI Market Agent for pets.
- Celestial Tiger Event Rewards modified to give more useful rewards such as war avatar S+ cards and Nebula Dust orbs. The better result you get the more chance you have to win something good.
- Fixed Twilight Temple.
- New monthly promotions for vote and donation shops.

Next patch I will gather a lot of customization good for ini's and other cool stuff.